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Class Make-Up Policy, Expectations, & Rules

Make Up Policy

  • Students should make up work (tests, class work, etc.) within five school days after returning to school due to absences.
  • After five school days, five points will be deducted from the assignment's grade for each additional late day.  Missed computer assignments can be made up in the computer lab before school (7 am - 1st period) or during lunch shifts.

Class Expectations

  • COME TO CLASS READY TO LEARN--Be present for every class and on time.

  • PARTICIPATE POSITIVELY IN EACH CLASS--Listen respectfully, raise your hand to speak and use appropriate communication skills.  Be alert and awake during class.

  • BE RESPECTFUL OF PEOPLE AND PROPERTY--Mind your manners and be courteous to one another (“excuse me,” “please,” and “thank you”).  Keep hands, feet, objects, and unkind words/gestures to yourself.  Take care of materials and equipment. 

  • FOLLOW ALL SCHOOL AND CLASSROOM RULES--Follow school-wide rules (refer to the student handbook).  Keep your classroom a safe environment and a place for learning.  No eating/no drinking/no candy/no gum/no electronic devices, and appropriate clothing.

  • BE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR LEARNING--Attendance is important, be present and learn more.  The student is responsible for getting any assignments and handouts missed upon their return.  It is important to meet all deadlines and keep up with your assignments to be successful in class.  Check School Messager, CyberNotes, and WebPAMS (grades) often regarding assignments, resources, and extra activities to further your learning at home and outside the class.

Class Rules
Three points will be deducted from the Work Habits grade if any of the class rules are not followed.

  • When the tardy bell rings be in your chair, have the textbook open and the computer application started.
  • No food or drink allowed in the computer lab.
  • Bring all required class materials to class (text book, 3-ring binder, journal, paper, pencil or pen).  One USB drive will be needed for file storage.
  • Computer settings are not to be changed.
  • Computer applications should not be used without permission.
  • The Internet should not be used without permission.
  • Personal email should not be checked.
  • Another student's keyboard or mouse should not be used by you.
  • Don't stand at the printer while the printer prints your document.
  • Keep your work area neat and clean.