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Substitute Work

In order to give you some freedom and choice in your activities during days that I am absent, I have created a substitute teacher activity grid!  Whenever I am absent, you should choose one of the assignments below to complete during your class time.  The next time I am absent, you may choose another BUT it must be in the same column, row, or diagonal (think BINGO). If I am absent more than four days, you next assignments should begin in another row.   When you complete your assignment, be sure to include the number of the assignment you chose.  *A good place to find a magazine article would be: New Horizons Magazine, TWILA, BEEF Magazine. Any Ag related article you find online can be a substitute.*

Complete work in google docs when possible.

1. First, create a poster titled, “Top Ten Reasons To Join FFA!”  Second, create a brochure encouraging freshmen to join the FFA.  Include the mission of the FFA, a description of the organization, benefits, activities, and any other information you think would be helpful in recruitment.

2. Choose an agriculture related magazine article that interests you.  Create an advertisement for this article (think billboard) and write a one page summary of the article and why you chose it. Be sure to staple your article to your work. 

3. Create a poster in support of Ag Literacy- knowing about ag!  Write one page describing your poster and explain how a knowledge of agriculture is important for EVERYONE.

4. Find an article that you believe could have a second side.  Write a two page letter to the editor explaining your side of the story.  Be sure to include the article you chose. 

5. Identify three skills or habits that you feel are the most important for high school students to learn in order to be successful in their future.  Write two pages explaining how these will make them successful. 

6. Create an adventure story book for an elementary school students that is related to agriculture.  Your book must be a minimum of ten pages and be fully colored. 

7. Create a poster informing students about the importance of developing your SAE.  Write one page explaining your poster and the importance of SAE’s. 

8. Choose an agriculture related advertisement from a magazine or newspaper.  Write a letter of application to the CEO of this company.  Be sure to staple your advertisement to your letter. Your letter can be friendly, business-related, etc.

9. Design a t-shirt for next year’s FFA Chapter.  The t-shirt should include or depict the theme of your choice.  Write one page describing why you chose this theme. 

10. Create a poster promoting Career and Technical Education. (Business, ag, family consumer science classes). Write a one page explanation of your poster. 

11. Write a minimum of two pages explaining the “perfect” workplace.  Be sure to include examples, either fictional or personal.   

12. Create a brochure for the Ouachita High School Agriculture Department.  Items that could be included: classes offered, class descriptions, benefits/advantages, importance of agriculture, 

13. Many important events have happened throughout our history that have made a significant impact on agriculture.  Write two pages discussing the importance of early Americans understanding agriculture history. 

14. Create a song or poem.  The theme of your song/poem may be FFA, ag literacy,  or the latest unit you are studying in ag class.  Your song/poem must be a minimum of one page. 

15. Write a 1-2 page news article for the The News Star.  Choose from the following topics:  college and career readiness, ag literacy, being a positive influence, 21st century, or ag skills. 

16. Write a two page letter thanking someone who has had a positive influence in your life.